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Manchester and Salford Boys and Girls Refuges and Homes Admission Form

Co-operative Wholesale Society, A Colossus of Commerce

John Crossley and Sons Limited, carpet manufacturers of Dean Clough, Halifax, Centenary Illustration, 1903

Photograph of Richard Shufflebottom’s Wild West show taken at Hull Fair, circa 1930

Pre-Gestee advert c1940, fore runner of PG Tips

Photograph of Birtley Belgians

RMS Eskimo in a Norwegian fjord

Photograph of Ward C1, 1st Northern General Hospital

Durham and the North East Coast – Report of the Labour Party’s Commission of Enquiry into the Distressed Areas

Photograph of Pit Brow Women leaving screen room at Gibfield Colliery, Atherton, 22 August 1918.

Port Sunlight Works and Village c1914

Registration card for the Municipal School of Art, Manchester, issued to L. S. Lowry

Photograph of workmen at The Bowes Museum

Roker Pier, Sunderland, under construction

Photograph of Marks & Spencer store, Leeds 1909

Photograph of the construction of the Tyne Bridge

Photograph of four soldiers of the 18th Battalion, The Durham Light Infantry, c.1914

Colne Valley Division Labour Union Minute Book 1891-1900

Everton FC Home Programme

‘Our Northern Film Heritage’

Huddersfield Female Educational Institute Advertisement

Articles of partnership between John Brunner and Ludwig Mond, 28 February 1873

Joseph Swan’s recollection of the first use of his incandescent lightbulbs at Cragside

Scrapbook of Bradford views and portraits

Lord Mayor's correspondence from York servicemen, January-April 1915

Cunard Staff Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4 (Jan 1923).

Photograph of Queensway Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool to Birkenhead under construction, 1931

Diary & Terrier of Brotherton Parish, 1778 - 1996

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