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High level Bridge, Newcastle

Sketch of wall hanging from the Art Treasures Manchester exhibition,

Chartist movement poster, Carlisle, 1839

Birdseye View of Barrow Docks and Shipbuilding Yard

‘Jumbo Farm’ Minute Book 1861-1863'

Mortality Map of Cholera in 1866

Flying machines designed by Sir George Cayley (1773-1857)

Laws and Objects of the Rochdale Society of Equitable Pioneers

Poster advertising The People's Excursion Trains to the Art,Treasures Exhibition, Manchester

The Victoria Engine designed by James Close 1837

High level Bridge, Newcastle

Photograph of Bessemer Convertor

University of Durham 1837 Charter

First Minute Book, Northern Architectural Association

Alexandra Park

Lithograph depicting Hetton Colliery

Painting by Giovanni Montiroli of a design for the Ceiling of the Saloon at Alnwick Castle. c.1850

Architectural plan of the Bank of England, Newcastle branch

Cunard Passenger List `Passengers for Halifax and Boston: No. 1' (Jul 1840-Dec 1844) 1 volume.

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