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Simon Temple's plan of Jarrow and the River Tyne

Ennis and Freeman on Sydney Harbour Bridge during construction

Ferry boats

Cunard Passenger List `Passengers for Halifax and Boston: No. 1' (Jul 1840-Dec 1844) 1 volume.

Plan of the Saltburn Inclined Tramway

George Walker’s watercolours for The Costume of Yorkshire, 1814

Poster advertising The People's Excursion Trains to the Art,Treasures Exhibition, Manchester

Manchester Caribbean Carnival leaflet, 1993

“The first report of a society for preventing accidents in coal mines”

Photograph of the construction of the Tyne Bridge

Mersey Tunnel Construction photograph

Photograph of Queensway Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool to Birkenhead under construction, 1931

High level Bridge, Newcastle

Roker Pier, Sunderland, under construction

Replica of ‘Rocket’ 1886.

Plan of Seathwaite showing wad-mine surface and workings, 1821

Scrapbook of Bradford views and portraits

Birkenhead Park – sales plan

RMS Eskimo in a Norwegian fjord

Photograph of Walter Marshall while serving as a pilot in the RAF in the Middle

Diaries and journals of Ellen Weeton (written 1807-1825)

‘Our Northern Film Heritage’

Alfred Wainwright 1907-1991

High level Bridge, Newcastle

Cunard Staff Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4 (Jan 1923).

Cammell Laird – photograph of the launch of the Windsor Castle

Drawing of the first composite passenger coach introduced on the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 1830-31

Flying machines designed by Sir George Cayley (1773-1857)

George Stephenson's Rocket, 1822

Cellar book for His Grace the Duke of Bridgewater

Set of playing cards depicting the counties of England and Wales, Robert Morden, 1676

Photograph of Bessemer Convertor

Birdseye View of Barrow Docks and Shipbuilding Yard

Map of the River Weaver, surveyor John Billington 1721

‘Part of the Wall near Benwell Hill, with an Apple Tree growing upon its Summit’

Photograph of the tanker 'World Unicorn' before launch

Illustration of George Stephenson's locomotive, ‘Locomotion’ 1875

The Victoria Engine designed by James Close 1837

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