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Register of Archbishop Walter de Grey, 1225-1255

Birdseye View of Barrow Docks and Shipbuilding Yard

Flying machines designed by Sir George Cayley (1773-1857)

Lithograph depicting Hetton Colliery

Colne Valley Division Labour Union Minute Book 1891-1900

“W and D” Birdseye View of Textiles of Manchester

Plan of the proposed harbour buildings at Seaham by John Dobson, 1828

Replica of ‘Rocket’ 1886.

Port Sunlight Works and Village c1914

Pre-Gestee advert c1940, fore runner of PG Tips

‘Jumbo Farm’ Minute Book 1861-1863'

High level Bridge, Newcastle

Map of the River Weaver, surveyor John Billington 1721

“The first report of a society for preventing accidents in coal mines”

Photograph of Queensway Mersey Tunnel, Liverpool to Birkenhead under construction, 1931

Set of playing cards depicting the counties of England and Wales, Robert Morden, 1676

Plan of the Saltburn Inclined Tramway

Cunard Staff Magazine, Vol. 2, No. 4 (Jan 1923).

George Stephenson's Rocket, 1822

Painting by Giovanni Montiroli of a design for the Ceiling of the Saloon at Alnwick Castle. c.1850

Articles of partnership between John Brunner and Ludwig Mond, 28 February 1873

Symeon of Durham On the origins and progress of the church of Durham

Photograph of Bessemer Convertor

High level Bridge, Newcastle

Drawing of a retort used by Boulton and Watt to provide gas lighting at Phillips and Lee textile mill Salford, 1805.


Baptism of Capability Brown

Plan of Seathwaite showing wad-mine surface and workings, 1821

Ten Years of Nuclear Power, publicity publication by the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority, 1966

‘Wash your hands now – as mummy does!’ c1960 leaflet

Drawing of the first composite passenger coach introduced on the Stockton and Darlington Railway, 1830-31

Electric light fittings for St George's Church, Preston designed by Sir Albert Richardson

Illustration of George Stephenson's locomotive, ‘Locomotion’ 1875

Joseph Swan’s recollection of the first use of his incandescent lightbulbs at Cragside

Mersey Tunnel Construction photograph

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